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A wide range of steel wires ropes and galvanized aircraft cables are in stock. A complete inventory of various rigging hardware and accessories are available made of forged steel, malleable iron, or stainless steel. Including wire rope clips, thimbles, aluminum sleeves.We carry a large variety of cable cutters and swaging tools.

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Welded chains in several grades and finishes are in stock: self colour, electro galvanized, hot dip galvanized or stainless steel in grades 30, 40 and 70. A full range of display packed chains for the retail market is also available with welded, twisted or knotted links. "Condor" brand chain fittings and various accessories are fully stocked for immediate delivery. Kindly contact your local distributor for further information.

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A full range of wire fasteners e.g. eyebolts, U bolts, turnbuckles, screw eyes are available both in bulk pack or individual bar coded for the retail market. Threaded rods in several diameters and lengths are stocked. A full program of wire mesh and hexagonal netting is offered in various sizes and lengths.

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In this section you will find various accessories for cargo handling. Ratchet tie downs, cable pullers, all accessories including bulk nylon webbings. Full line of construction grade tarpaulins available in translucent or blue colour.

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Automotive & Tarps section :

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Condor brand door and window hardware is well liked on the market for its sturdy design and competitive prices. We carry a full line of casters, gate hardware, DIY door and window fittings. Please contact your local distributor for a prompt quotation on your special needs.

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Our customers, who are eager to obtain quality tools at the lowest cost, can buy crowbars, sledgehammers, striking tools, hatchets, picks, vises, saw blades, HSS drills and bits of all kinds, all the way up to precision tools as calipers and micrometers.

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Informed retailers and shoppers will find a vast array of plumbing products specific to Canada-Europe Import, including forged brass valves, bronze check valves or foot valves, ball valves, stopcocks and discharge valves, frost-resistant wall hydrants, reinforced transparent vinyl tubing.

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Condor Merchandising Solutions
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Power Tray Merchandising System
PR110 (E) Chain & Cable Centre
PR220 Rod and Piano Hinge Centre
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PR650 Striking Tool Centre
PR70 Tubing Centre
PR60 Chain in Pail Centre


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